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Drag mat the best supplier of various drag mats

Founded in 2000, Boegger Industrial Limited has been a pioneer of manufacturing and exporting drag mats toward a great number of countries and regions. Over the past years of development, we have established solid relationships with many distributors and trading companies. High quality and considerable service are the two points we are always striving for.

What is the application of drag mat?

Drag mat is widely used to break up air core, top dressing, overseeding, bed preparation, leveling uneven surfaces and clean the sports field of ball diamonds, golf courses, lawns and landscapes.

What are your main products?

Drag mat has a very big family and meets all your special applications. Steel drag mat is the most common field equipment which can also be divided into heavy duty and standard duty. In addition, for harsh environments, stainless steel drag mat is also provided.

Flexible and rigid drag mat is two opposite mats for the former can be rolled up as a carpet while the latter can not. However, rigid drag mat is the best choice of smoothing ball infields.

Chain link fence drag mat is the most popular and cheapest maintenance equipment in top pressing and leveling the uneven surface.

How can I contact with you?

To facilitate communications with our customers, welcome to contact our 24/7 online service. If any special questions, just call or email us.