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Heavy duty drag mat does harder job in field maintenance

Heavy duty drag mat is ideal for all ball diamonds, trail maintenance, top dressing, golf fairway, seed preparation, breaking up aeration cores and leveling turf fields. It is constructed by crimped steel of 0.062 inch thickness. The heavy duty drag embraces over 3 times strength of the standard one. For this reason, it should be towed behind a small tractor or ATV. The rods are 6 gauge.


  • Galvanized construction for corrosive resistance;
  • Drag bar of 1/8" thick eliminating bending;
  • Ends of rod are welded to prevent fraying.
  • Available several years of usage.
Heavy Duty Drag Mat Specs
Item No. Width Length Depth Mesh Opening
HM4848 48 48 1/2 1×1
HM7248 72 48 1/2 1×1
HM7236 72 36 1/2 1×1
HM9648 96 48 1/2 1×1
Heavy duty drag mat with tow chain which connects tractor and mat together

Heavy duty drag mat

Heavy drag mat with 72inch width and 48inch length

Heavy duty drag mat with 2 inch width and 48 inch length is very popular in ball diamonds.