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Steel Drag Mat

Steel drag mat including heavy duty and standard duty, is widely applied by groundkeepers of golf greens and tee boxes, infields, seeding preparation.

Stainless Steel Drag Mat

Stainless steel drag mat is superior to carbon steel even plated by zinc in resisting corrosion and rust from water and atmosphere.

Standard Duty Drag Mat

Standard duty drag mat is premium choice for top dressing, overseeding, smoothing uneven baseball and softball infields. Available vehicle driven or manual.

Heavy Duty Drag Mat

Heavy duty drag mat with 0.062 inch thickness of crimped steel is very suitable for any heavy applications such as trail maintenance, golf fairway, all of ball diamonds.

Baseball Field Drag

Baseball field drag belongs to standard duty field drag mat. It is a premium choice for field grooming, soil preparation and breaking up aeration plugs.

Flexible Drag Mat

Flexible drag mat is divided into heavy duty and standard duty. It can be rolled up as a carpet for easy storage and easy cleaning.

Rigid Drag Mat

Rigid drag mat is characterized by rigid structure which does better job in smoothing and leveling uneven surfaces of baseball and softball infields.

Hand Drag Mat

Hand drag mat is suitable for an adult person to pull. You can finish leveling infields, lawn maintenance or top dressing in a few minutes.

Chain Link Drag Mat

Chain link drag mat made of chain link fence is among the cheapest and most popular field equipment in leveling surfaces and maintaining turf.

Tow Chain

Tow chain made of high quality drop forged steel can stand up with 2400lbs power. It is a premium choice for heavy duty drag mat or other heavy applications.

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