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Three steps of making a functional chain link drag mat

It is important to keep playing field clean, level and safe for all players to prevent unnecessary falls. Now we will introduce an easy method of building drag mat by yourself.

Chain link fence drag mat can be factory-made or DIY if you like. It is the cheapest field equipment but reach the same result.

First, select a piece of chain link fence.

Chain link drag mat doesn't have strict requires of the quality. Rusty, old or bent is available. The point is about the size of the mesh opening which is determined by the average size of the stones or rocks littering across the fields. The holes of the mesh should be a little larger than the stones ensuring the stones can nest somewhere in the chain link.

Second, place the chain link fence section on a flat surface.

Cut a piece of chain link fence down to 6ft. wide by 4ft. long. If you can't find such large old chain link fence, you can piece smaller sections together.

Third, make a handle for pulling.

Prepare 9 feet of rope and a 6 inch of wooden handle which has holes to make the rope get through. The handle will not hurt your hands as the ropes do.

Then, the whole process of building a drag mat is completed and it can be put into use. You can pull your drag mat to level or maintain your fields or lawn.


  • Chain link drag mat is usually pulled by people across a small area. For larger area, tow it to a lawn or garden tractor or other ATVs.
  • If the drag mat is not heavy enough for the job, place a couple of concrete boards on the mat to increase the strength.
  • Filed maintenance is not necessary for every game. The number of times of maintaining depends on the field's condition.