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Standard steel drag mat allows for soft turf maintenance

Standard duty drag mat is the prior alternative for sports field maintenance. It is fabricated by rugged, continuous crimped steel with rust-resistant zinc-coating which effectively extends its life expectancy.

A standard duty drag comes with tow chain

Standard drag is used to smooth baseball diamond and eliminate dirt and uneven surface.

Our standard steel drags are provided with various dimensions for different applications. For example, a narrow lawn needs mini drag mat like 36inch by 36inch. In addition, irregular shapes or special specifications are bespoke on special order.

Standard drag mats can be either driven by tractors or other vehicles or by hands. It comes complete with 13 gauge rods and tow rope. Tow chain is also provided and required an extra order.


Drag mat also be used in factory shop for skid-proofing

Standard drag mat can be placed in factory shop to resistant slips.

Standard Duty Drag Mat Specs
Item No. Width (inch) Length (inch) Depth (inch) Mesh Opening (inch)
SM4860 48 60 3/8 1×1
SM3636 36 36 3/8 1×1
SM7272 72 72 3/8 1×1
SM7236 72 36 3/8 1×1
SM3660 36 60 3/8 1×1
SM7236 72 36 3/8 1×1
SM9672 96 72 3/8 1×1
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