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Baseball field standard duty drag mat with various sizes

Baseball field drag with quick clips and yellow rope

Baseball field drag mat can quickly smooth field surface..

Baseball field drag is the premium choice for professional ground keepers. It is a kind of standard duty drag mat and ideal for leveling surfaces. It is always used as pregame and mid-game drags.

Baseball field drag mat is made by galvanized steel or stainless steel to expand life expectancy. Ideal for ball fields grooming, soil preparation and breaking up aeration plugs.


Baseball Field Drag Mat Specs
Item No. Width (inch) Length (inch) Depth (inch) Mesh Opening (inch)
BFM3636 36 36 3/8 1×1
BFM4860 48 60 3/8 1×1
BFM7236 72 36 3/8 1×1
BFM7272 72 72 3/8 1×1
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