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Stainless drag mat with heavy duty and standard duty

Stainless steel is not easily attacked by corrosion, rust or stain in normal conditions as ordinary steel be. Their difference comes from the content of chromium. Hence, stainless steel drag mat is another popular option for sports fields and amenity lawns. Though galvanized finish of ordinary steel effectively increases its life service, it will soon get rusted when the zinc coating is worn away. When you use stainless steel drag mat, you will not worry about corrosion or rust problem. If proper usage, it will not rust before failure.

Stainless drag mat towed by a small tractor is maintaining golf greens

Stainless steel drag mat of heavy duty is often pulled by a small tractor.

Stainless steel drag comes with 13 gauge rod, 0.046" thickness crimp stainless steel. In addition, handle and rope are provided for pulling. Stainless steel 316, 316L, 304 and 304L is available.


Stainless Steel Drag Mat Sizes
Item No. Width (inch) Length (inch) Depth (inch) Mesh Opening (inch)
SSM3660 36 60 3/8 1×1
SSM3648 36 48 3/8 1×1
SSM7248 72 48 3/8 1×1
SSM9648 96 48 3/8 1×1
SSM6048 60 48 3/8 1×1
SSHM3648 36 48 1/2 1×1
SSHM6048 60 48 1/2 1×1
SSHM7248 72 48 1/2 1×1
SSHM9648 96 48 1/2 1×1
Stainless steel drag mat have yellow rope and wood handle for easy pulling

Stainless steel drag mat is often used to smooth infield surface.

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