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Hand drag mat brings you a lot of DIY pleasure

Drag mat is increasingly used by gardeners, ground keepers for many ground maintenance. Hand drag mat is especially designed for manual operation. Its small size makes it flexible and versatile for small places where needs maintaining or leveling. Any adult or a strong child can complete this job easily and quickly. It will bring a lot of fun.

Our hand drag mat is made of crimp 3/8", 0.046" thick and 13 gauge smooth galvanized steel rod. It is rolled up as a carpet for easy clean and storage.

Hand drag mat can be dragged by an adult to collect debris or airing the soil

Hand drag mat is workable for aerating the soil of meadow or lawn

Hand Drag Mat Sizes
Item No. Width (inch) Length (inch) Depth (inch) Mesh Opening (inch)
HYM4848 48 48 3/8 1×1
HYM7248 72 48 3/8 1×1
HYM7272 72 72 3/8 1×1
HYM3636 36 36 3/8 1×1
HYM6036 60 36 3/8 1×1
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