Rigid steel drag mat excellent for high level of smooth surface

Rigid Drag Mat

for golf greens and tees.

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Hand drag mat is very flexible and effective for small area

Hand Drag Mat

for ground keepers

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Standard duty drag mat lightweight and can be manual operated

Standard Duty Drag Mat

sports field maintenance

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Drag mat helps to return a perfect sports fields or lawn

Drag mat has been indispensable equipment for leveling baseball and softball infields, maintaining golf courses, top pressing, overseeding, and preparation for seeding bed. Its rigid structure, rust-resistant surface and various sizes together contribute to long durability and high effectiveness.

Established in 2000, Boegger Industrial Limited has been serving sports fields, landscape and lawn maintenance. Over the past years, it has cooperated with distributors and shops from many countries, like America, German, Britain and Japan and other countries and regions.

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drag mats

According to different constructions, drag mats can be divided into two types - flexible and rigid. Flexible drag mat has interlocked structure which makes it easy to be rolled up as a carpet for easy storage and cleaning. Rigid drag mat, on the contrast, is rotated 90 degrees featuring rigid structure. It is the premium choice for leveling and smoothing ball infields.

Steel drag mat plated by zinc coating is very common. It will not cost you much yet provide excellent service and long life expectancy. While, stainless steel dray mat is another option which has better performance in resisting rust, corrosion and all weathers. Generally speaking, stainless steel is suitable for harsh environments. In the long term, stainless steel drag mat is an ideal choice for cost effectiveness.

Heavy duty and standard duty drag mats are widely used. The big differences depend on the thickness and depth of crimp. The heavy one has more strength in top dressing, overseeding and seed bed preparation. Commonly, heavy drag is usually towed by small tractors or lawn equipment. However, standard drag is often pulled by hands.

Chain link drag mat is a light duty drag mat. It can be factory made or DIY of used or rusted chain link fence. Compared with frequently-used steel drag mat, it has much lighter weight. You can place cement boards on the mat to increase weight and the strength.

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