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Rigid drag mat ensuring smooth surface for better competition

Rigid drag mat is the same as standard duty mat except that the rigid mat has been rotated 90 degrees to make mat rigid not rolling up for storage. Its rigid feature makes it especially ideal for leveling uneven surfaces of baseball and softball infields, golf greens and tees.

Rigid mat comprises of 1" × 1" mesh, 13 gauge galvanized connecting rods and polyethylene rope and handle for pulling. The mat is made of 0.046" thickness of crimped steel.

Compared with flexible drag mat, rigid drag performs better in smoothing uneven surfaces such as baseball and softball infields.


Rigid drag mat comes with handle and rope for pulling

Rigid drag mat is superior to smooth uneven surface.

Rigid Drag Mat Specifications
Item No. Width (inch) Length (inch) Depth (inch) Mesh Opening (inch)
RM7248 72 48 3/8 1×1
RM7218 72 18 3/8 1×1
RM4836 48 36 3/8 1×1
RM4818 48 18 3/8 1×1
RM6018 60 18 3/8 1×1
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